Sunday, December 30, 2012

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder

Overall: 2.4/5
I had high hopes for this powder, extremely high hopes.  I thought this was the solution to all my problems, a goodbye to my oily skin problems.  Boy oh boy was I wrong. Besides poor lasting power, and making me look white as a ghost, this powder smells terrible to me.  When I'm applying it I have to hold my breath, if I don't , the powder enters my nose and throat.  It smells terrible, makes my throat itch, and tastes ghastly. (No I don't purposely taste it, but when I accidentally inhale it I taste something.)

Packaging: 2/5
Although the packaging looks decent from outside, once you open it, it becomes a hopeless mess.  The powder spills everywhere and it's almost impossible to get the perfect amount on a brush, even when using the lid.  Perhaps this is a problem with most loose powders, but I found that the packaging on this loose powder particularly emphasized the issue of poor moderation of product.

Color: 3/5
Even though this product claims to be "colorless" it leaves a slight white sheen.  I think this could be a problem for people with darker skin tones.  This powder made me look paler than the rest of my skin.  Prepare to have the same skin tone as a piece of paper in photos.  

Staying Power: 2/5
So many reviews on the Sephora website claimed that it kept their oil in check all day, but I was shiny within half an hour.  To put it frankly, the staying power sucks.

Finish/Texture: 3/5
This powder leaves the skin soft and matte, however it is short lived as oily skin takes over in a mere half hour.

Do I Recommend This Product?
I regret buying this product, and don't recommend it.  Even for people with dry/combination skin, I imagine the terrible smell and white sheen would be irritating.

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Sephora ships fast and has an excellent return policy.

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