Saturday, December 29, 2012


Taken in Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Dress: Brandy Melville

Nothing special about this dress, it's just a basic I keep in my closet to show off nicer cardigans and outerwear.  The quality is mediocre, it attracts lint pretty well.  

Cardigan: MinkPink
Bought this off but I can't find it anymore.  Karmaloop always has bomb deals though, I caught the 40% off entire purchase+free shipping sale and bought a ton of clothes.  I really advocate signing up for their emails because their sales are fab; with that being said, don't buy anything if you're not getting a deal on it.

This cardigan was $93 (without the discount) and I feel borderline ripped off.  I thought the quality would be really good because of the price, but even though it feels nice to the touch it sheds like no other.  I'll probably need to stop buy Costco and buy the family size pack of lint rollers.  At the same time this has become my favorite cardigan because it's super soft and looks really good...agh. So would I purchase this again? Gotta say yes.  The color is kind of a creme color, it's not quite white.

Thigh High Socks: American Apparel

I love these socks.  You don't have to wear them thigh high, they look good at any length above the knee. They're super warm.

Boots: Unknown
I bought these in a random store along Irvine Spectrum, honestly don't remember the name.  The quality isn't that great, within a day the laces were unravelling.  However I like the unique touch the plaid at the top gives.  

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