Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Duo 2-in-1 Glossy Eyeliner

So Recently Maybelline came out with a new liquid eyeliner, I stopped by target and decided to pick up the navy color.  If you're bored of the average black eyeliner navy is a great option, not only is it very subtlety different from black but it also makes the whites of your eyes appear whiter.

I was sorely disappointed with this liquid liner, here's a quick summary of the liner.

-long lasting

-extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY watery consistency
-poor pigmentation

Another thing I wish I could put on the cons is "shiny" but since it is a "glossy" liner...I'm not sure why anyone would want to create a glossy eyeliner in the first place...I feel like matte is much more flattering on most people.

Here's a breakdown of all the pros and cons.
1. Waterproof
I don't think the packaging directly says that the liner is waterproof, but it is.  In fact I wish my hands with soap and water and it didn't budge at all.
2. Smudge proof&Long lasting
Usually waterproof and smudge proof come together and this was no exception.  A quality a good liquid liner should have is being smudge proof because liquid liners are primarily used for creating clean, precise lines that don't budge, unlike pencil eyeliners that are able to be smudged for a smokey look.

1. Watery Consistency
When I first swiped the formula on my hand I was shocked by the watery formula.  It's the same consistency as water colors.  It helps if you tap off excess formula on the brush before using it...but because the formula is so watery it takes FOREVER to dry.  I mean I'm growing old waiting for this thing to dry ok.  
2. Poor Pigmentation
Because the formula is so watery the pigmentation pretty much sucks.  I tried layering the formula and it works to make the color show more but still it's a lot of work and a waste of time.  And when you layer it the liner becomes sticky on your eye.  This is so disappointing because in liquid eyeliners one of the most important things is pigmentation! Eyeliner is not lipstick people. It's OK to have sheer lipsticks but not ok to have sheer liquid liners.
3. Brush&Messy
So the big thing about this liner that makes it a "duo" is the brush.  The brush is supposed to make it easy to create thick and thin lines.  I love the idea of the brush, but it was poorly executed.  Yes, it makes it a lot easier to apply thicker lines, but the thin side of the brush doesn't make it possible to make REALLY thin lines, only medium thick/thin lines.  Once again, great idea, poor execution.

It costs around $7 and you can find it in target or other drugstores.  I really do not recommend it.  If you're looking for a good liquid liner I highly recommend Stila's liquid liner.  Yes, it's a little pricey at $20 but I've been using mine for half a year and it still hasn't ran out!  You can create such a big variety of looks with it.  I cannot recommend it enough!

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