Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24H Cream Gel Shadow Review and Swatches

Too Cool&Bad to the Bronze

I've tried cream eyeshadows that cost over $20, but these eyeshadows are just as good in terms of quality and color for around $7.  I love creme eyeshadows because they stay on better and crease less than normal eyeshadows.
Staying power:  These eyeshadows really do last 24 hours.  I fell asleep wearing this once and it was still completely there in the morning.  I don't have huge issues on creasing, but these eyeshadows did not crease on me.  Often times I use these as primers because they really do wonders on helping my other eyeshadows stay.
Finish:  Bad to the Bronze has a metallic finish, but Too Cool has a sparkly finish.  
Color: Bad to the Bronze is a bronze, and Too Cool is a sparkly white with tons of little shimmers and sparkles. Both are beautiful colors.
Packaging: The packaging is pretty good, it's simple and seems very high quality.  It can definitely take a tumble or two.  Tub containers are very unhygienic but with cream eyeshadows it's the best way to go.
Can be Purchased at:
Ulta has good sales every once in a while.

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