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Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 Review
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Overall: 3.4/5
This primer was mediocre and not worth the $52 is cost for 1oz.  I was on the search for a good primer that wouldn't make me break out or irritate my sensitive skin. When I read that this was mineral-based, water-resistant, minimizes shine, and SPF 15 I developed some pretty high hopes.  I didn't mind the high price, in my mind if it works then it's worth it. However this poor performance primer was not worth the high price and I returned it.  It did nothing for helping my makeup last, barely minimized my pores, and hardly controlled my face oils.

I'll admit the packaging is excellent.  The primer comes in a matte bottle with a very hygienic pump.  I love the design of the bottle,  I feel like it has a very professional, clean, fresh appearance. 

It might be intimidating when the product comes out white, however if you warm it between your fingers before applying it'll become more translucent.  Unfortunately I feel that doing so wastes a lot of product on my fingers, and sometimes the primer still leaves a very slight white sheen on my face.  

Staying Power:2/5
A primer has one big job, to help foundation last.  However, I found my foundation did  not last any longer with this primer.  I could tell zero difference in staying power between my foundation with primer and without primer.  Although that was sorely disappointing  the primer did slightly make my large pores appear smaller.

This primer has a matte finish, however it doesn't last long.  I have very oily skin and was hoping this primer would help me control shine, but even with a setting powder I was oily within half an hour.  It did make my face smoother and softer though.

Do I Recommend This Product?
This primer might be more effective on people with dry/combination skin but I do not feel it works well for people with oily skin.

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Sephora ships fast, and they have an excellent return policy.

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